About Us

Welcome to 365 Direct,

Hopefully you are aware, we are an official supplier partner to your CTN member group and this is our exclusive CTN trading platform.
The website will be updated regularly in order to provide you with all the relevant information on our latest products that are available for your store.
Here at 365 DIRECT we specialise in Greetings Cards, Calendars, Gift Wrap, Stationery and Gift Lines.
We aim to offer our customers a unique range of high quality merchandise that will bring added value and revenue to your organisation all readily available and delivered direct to your store.
Our very competitive pricing structure means that you can easily compete with the major chains and supermarkets with regard to retail pricing whilst maintaining a very attractive profit margin.
You’ll see our EXCLUSIVE MEMBER ONLY PROMOTIONS, such as our fabulous One Stop Card Shop Spinner that allows you to not only compete with but to beat the super markets and high street retailers for both quality, and value for money.
All 365 products are available to members of our Group Trading Partners with fantastic ex-VAT margin of 60% or more.
All of our seasonal promotions are provided on an exchangeable basis.
As a member of one of our partners, you can order with the complete reassurance offered by your membership and more importantly take advantage of the additional benefits available, such as:

  • Credit terms are offered to all qualifying partner stores.

  • Your purchases are added to your existing CTN Trading Account and you will receive the extended terms available via your group membership.*

As a member, we at 365 Direct will assist with refreshing your Greetings Card, Gift Wrap and other displays via our own online team ensuring your display is always current, constant and on point with  regard to current market trends.
Remember that with 365 Direct Everyday is an Occasion.